Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Having a Hot CV...

Hi There,

Let me introduce you to client Y. Now client Y was not earning as much money as she would have liked. She was a marketing manager for a major retail company but she was not only not earning what she felt she could earn she was also not enjoying the job she was currently doing. Upon chatting with client Y she was indeed a talented young woman with a skill and flair for marketing. The trouble was that she was not getting offered the right kind of jobs.

Now I probed around and found that one area that was letting her down was her CV. Perhaps its a British thing that we tend to understate ourselves. Now having been an employer and having sat in interview panels. So over the next week I helped her shape up her CV so that it started to more accurately reflect her skill and potential. It took a bit of going backwards and forwards until we had it just right and ready for her to send off to several prospective employers.

The last I heard client Y had upped her income by around £15K.
Not bad for a bit of work on her CV.

Steve Nobel

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