Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Life Direction and Income...

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Now often in coaching the issue of life purpose arises. Purpose has to do with direction and motivation, it also is very connected to an individual's values or sense of valuing different activities in the world.

Welcome to client Y. She was your average talented individual with lots of skills, experience and talent in her chosen field of work. The thing was that even though she was earning a reasonable amount of money the work was not switching her on or lighting her fire in anyway. We explored what kind of activities and themes she found important. Now at one point she described a scene from a few years back and tears quickly came to her eyes. This was a good sign that we were on the right track.

Client Y was really a people person. She had some strong spiritual inclinations and wanted to explore those in the session. All of the things she found important pointed to one or two core themes. We then looked at some of the challenges in the way and naturally these also pointed to the same core themes, although from a different angle. We then looked at her core strengths, skills and talents and how these also pointed to her life purpose.

Now practically speaking I always like to give clients stuff to do and so since we were talking about work and vocation the homework related to creating a list of the ideal company she would like to work for. I also asked her to research 10 organisations that were a better fit for her core values. Also client Y had a dream of doing some freelance and training work which would be a new avenue of income for her so I gave her the homework of finding several websites that contained different components of the work she wanted to go out and start in the world.

Now some people discover their values around work and immediately want to resign from their current work and fling themselves into a new project hoping that it will work out. Now client Y is more sensible and realises the need to develop the resources of time and money in her existing work in order to build her new business slowly and organically.

The great thing about client Y is that she is a very capable human being, and once she says she will do something I know that she will do it. Client Y is on the way to upping her income and starting the work she feels called to do in the world.

Steve Nobel

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